You have signed a contract or begun to operate on an oral agreement, but now one or more participants in the agreement are not doing what was agreed upon. What do you do next?

The parties could seek to reach an agreement, amend the contract or as a last resort file a law suit. 

If the subject of the contract is $75,000 or less, a suit would be filed in the Magistrate or Small Claims court in the appropriate county.  See S.C. Code of Laws Section 22-3-10.

The South Carolina Landlord Tenant Act places obligations on landlords and tenants when they enter a rental agreement. The failure for either a landlord or tenant to perform as required by the agreement can result in the need for legal action or legal representation. 


If a contract or rental agreement is the subject of your legal matter, reach out to Myers Law to help you negotiate, litigate or assist in drafting a more favorable agreeement in the future.   

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