We no longer wish to be married. 

We were never married but need a formal agreement on the custody of our children.

My ex has had custody of our child for the past few years, but I now want to seek custody.

One may obtain either a no-fault or fault based Divorce in South Carolina. A no-fault based Divorce is one in which two parties are seeking to be divorced on the grounds that they have lived separate and apart without intimate relations for at least one year.


Two people may file for a divorce on a fault-based grounds and get divorced sooner if one of the party's can prove adultery, physical cruelty, abandonment, or habitual drunkenness.

See S.C. Code of Laws Section 20-3-10

Filing a divorce and seeking custody of a child outside of marriage follow similar procedures:

  • File the Complaint

  • Serve the Summons and Complaint on the opposing party

  • Temporary Hearing 

  • Mediation between the parties at their expense

  • Final Hearing

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