Myers Law Interviews with Girl Code Podcast

Girl Code is a facebook group created by Orangeburg native Kimberley Renee to Embrace, Empower, Encourage, Support and Motivate women. I am honored that I was invited onto the show Saturday, August 24, 2019 in Columbia, SC to talk about the founding of Katherine R. Myers Law Firm, LLC ("Myers Law"). I am now over 60 days in as a lawyer with Myers Law and the journey has been amazing. While I am currently the only lawyer, I have been slowly building my team and I can not wait to announce the amazing individuals and businesses that Myers Law has hired or partnered with. There have been amazing milestones along the way and obstacles to overcome.

I am grateful for the group Girl Code and the platform it is creating for women to promote their own businesses and support others. I do not take it lightly that Ms. Kimberley granted me time and space on her platform. I am excited about the group and can't wait to attend the "Pressed for Success" event coming up on September 21st in Columbia from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

This summer I celebrated my five year anniversary as a lawyer and what better what to celebrate than my first ever interview on a podcast!

The full edited video will be available soon! The uncut version is available now at


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