What are My Options Beyond Plea or Trial?

When someone has been accused of a crime, there are two options that come to mind and that the criminal justice system offers. You may (1) plead guilty to the offense for which you have been charged or a lesser included offense and negotiate a more lenient penalty or (2) reject any offer the Solicitor may make and go to trial.

Well, here at Myers Law, we like to recommend, seek and explore the option of Pre-Trial Intervention (hereinafter PTI) for all our clients who have been accused of a crime. PTI is a program created by our State Statutes and is codified as The Pre-Trial Intervention Program Act beginning in Section 17-22-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws:

The Pre-Trial Intervention Act lays out all the eligibility requirements, program rules and fees associated with the program. If you or your charge qualify for this program, it is an excellent opportunity to do community service, complete anger management classes, and more, in exchange for a dismissal of your charge. What is better than NO CONVICTION?

PTI is offered, like a "get of jail free card", only it is not free and you only are allowed to use the program once, EVER. PTI is generally offered to individuals without a prior criminal record or with an insignificant criminal record who have been charged with non-violent and non-DUI offense. Each of the 16th Judicial Circuits in the State have discretion over how they will implement the program, so have your lawyer talk to the PTI Director in the County in which you have been charged.

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