What is a Power of Attorney? 

Believe it or not a power of attorney is the document (whether named so or not) that gives a person [the agent] the authority to act on behalf of another person [the principal]  when, and only, when the principal is incapacitated. 

Many people wrongly believe that if they get a power of attorney executed, they will lose the ability to make their own decisions about their health or their finances. That is NOT TRUE. The agent's powers only exist in the instance when the principal is no longer able to make decisions for him or herself. 

For example, God-forbid you are in a very serious car accident tomorrow. In the hospital, you are not conscious, and your injuries are so serious that you need to be tube-fed to be kept alive. Without a healthcare power of attorney, there is no one to communicate your wishes to the doctor. 

A healthcare power of attorney and financial power of attorney, like a last will and testament, are not complicated processes. However, they do require you to make some serious decisions and designate individuals who will carry out your wishes. 

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