The Probate Process

Once a loved one passes away, with or without a will, the estate of the deceased must be probated. That means the real and personal property that the deceased owned at death have to be distributed either according to their wishes (when there is will) or according to the Intestacy Statutes (when there is no will). 

Distributing the assets can be a very painless process with minimal fees that conclude in a few months. Or, it can be a major headache (when there is no will, lack of documentation or assets left out of the will and heirs who are adamantly fighting for what they believe is their share) that lasts for several years. Think about James Brown's Estate

Myers Law can help you navigate the probate process, but more importantly would like to assist you with your last will and testament to ensure that your estate's probate process is painless for your surviving friends and family. 

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